Creative Things To Do With Your Dog This Winter

As the cold creeps in, it's important to find stimulating things to do with your dog in the winter to keep them healthy and entertained. We have a variety of games and ideas to make this time of year fun for both you and your dog.


Engaging Dinner Time

We know your dog loves dinner, and the colder days could be a great way to spend some time creating an enriching experience for them. Using puzzle feeders are a great tool for mental stimulation and encourage your dog to work for their reward which often tires them out more than going on a walk. Rather than just putting their dinner in a regular bowl you could take it a step further and simply just put their dinner inside the puzzle feeder and watch your dog become a detective. 


Create Interactive Games

When the weather outside is a little too cold, indoor activities are the next best thing, and they're also important for getting through those gloomy winter days. Create an indoor adventure by using some high quality organ treats as hidden treasures. For example, hiding the treats throughout your house and making it a treasure hunt for your dog. Or, you could also grab a kitchen towel and roll up some treats inside so your dog will have to use their nose to get the treats inside. These activities will keep your dog's mind busy as they search for the treats, making for a fun and interactive way to spend the day.


Indoor Training with Estes Treats

Sharpen your dog's skills this winter by setting aside time for some training. Our range of chews and treats are ideal for positive reinforcement, making learning new tricks a yummy and rewarding experience. Using high-quality and single ingredient treats from the Estes Paw Co will help capture your dog's attention and make training sessions something they'll look forward to. Once the training is done, play a game of fetch in the hallway (if you have one) or a game of tug of war in the living room. 


Outdoor Winter Play

Not all dogs want to stay inside when it gets cold (sorry husky dog parent lol). For the dogs that enjoy playing in the snow, make sure you're both prepared for all the fun in the snow. Enjoy shorter walks, play in your yard, or have a fun snowball fetch session while building a snowman. Just remember, if it's really chilly out, a doggy coat can help keep your dog stay warmer on those outdoor adventures.


Staying Safe and Warm

Our final reminder is to always prioritize your dog's comfort and safety. After a day in the snow, nothing beats coming home to a warm space with a cozy bed and blanket to ensure your dog has a comfortable place to rest. Of course, cuddles is a necessity as well! 


Winter Activities with Your Dog

The cold weather might make you want to skip your usual walks, but don't worry, you're not out of options for keeping your dog active in winter. Even if you're a first-time dog owner feeling guilty about not taking your dog out, you'll find plenty of ways to keep your dog engaged inside.

Try out these activities, and you'll both stay warm and happy during the colder months.

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