How Many Calories Should Dogs Have?

At The Estes Paw Company, we understand that keeping your dog healthy and active is a top priority. Whether it’s a da...

Benefits of Beef Trachea For Dogs

When it comes to treating your dog, quality and safety are top priorities. At Estes Paw Company, we offer premium, si...

How Dog Treats Are Made

When it comes to crafting dog treats, various cooking techniques play a crucial role in determining the quality, safe...

Are Turkey Tendons Good for Dogs? Benefits and Nutritional Guide

When choosing the right treats for your dog, knowing you’re providing high quality and safe options is essential. At...

Beef Marrow Bone For Dogs

Have you ever thought about giving your dog beef marrow bone but have a ton of questions and not sure where to begin ...

Are Elk Antlers Safe For Dogs (Aka Elk Horns)

Elk antlers, often referred to as elk horns, have gained significant popularity as a natural and long-lasting chew op...

What is Beef Pizzle? Everything you need to know about Bully Sticks.

If you landed here, you are probably scratching your head wondering, "what is beef pizzle?" This is actually a really...
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