After a long day of work, brothers-in-law, Will Welborn and Jason LeFebvre had a conversation that sparked an idea. Will’s mother had a pet supply store in Estes Park, CO - now owned by Will and his wife, Jamie - so they discussed opening their own store. Soon after, Will closed his garage floor business and Jason quit his graphic design job to solely focus on their new venture together with Jamie. In 2014 their ideas and planning came to fruition, and they opened a pet supply store with a love for pets but limited knowledge of the industry. They quickly realized there was a tremendous amount of information they needed to learn. They started gaining an understanding and diverse knowledge of the industry and ingredients to best help their customers’ dogs and cats live a long and healthy life. Since then, Will and Jason came together in 2019 to start their own brand of natural pet treats, and that is when The Estes Paw Company was born. Their mission is to share years of acquired knowledge and provide premium ingredients and products for your dog.

We manufacture premium products that are designed to naturally engage our pets. These products are bio-available with minimal processing to help our dogs thrive. We understand that chews and treats go far beyond making mouths water and tails wag. These products have the ability to nourish and feed the health of our companions. Our job is to present them in safe, healthy and the most desirable forms.

Our overall intent is to feed your pet's body, mind and soul. The products we offer can help keep the body healthy and the mind active, but it is the soul that is fed with your love. Our natural bones, treats and chews will only create time for priceless opportunities to feed your love. Your engagement with your dog alone, makes a difference in their lives and engaging with these animals with care and an open heart can make a difference in your life as well.

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