Are Elk Antlers Safe For Dogs (Aka Elk Horns)

Elk antlers, often referred to as elk horns, have gained significant popularity as a natural and long-lasting chew option for dogs. As a company located in Colorado, where elk are in the thousands, we have some of the best elk antlers in the pet market. A question we do get in our store from pet owners is “Are elk antlers a safe treat for my dog?”. The short answer is YES, and there are some great benefits of introducing elk antlers into your furry friend's chewing routine. In this article, we'll chat about some of the questions dog owners are bugling about!

Are Elk Antlers Safe for Dogs?

We’re happy this is the first question you asked because your dog's safety is paramount and we appreciate your diligence in looking into a product before giving it to your dog. Generally, Elk antlers are a safe treat for dogs. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

Size Matters: 

Ensure you select an appropriately sized elk antler for your dog. Antlers that are too small could pose a choking hazard, while those that are too large might be challenging for your pup to maneuver comfortably.

Supervision is Key: 

As with any chew, it's important to supervise your dog while they're enjoying their elk antler. This allows you to intervene if the antler becomes worn down to a size that could be swallowed or if any unusual behaviour arises. There are some great chew holders available too which can reduce the risk of choking. 

Sensitive Chewers: 

Some dogs may have more sensitive teeth or gums if they are new to solid chews like Elk Antlers. If you notice any discomfort or bleeding while your dog chews on an antler, it's best to discontinue use and give their teeth a break. We recommend a few days at least.

Should I Feed My Dog Elk Antlers?

Absolutely! Elk antlers can serve as an engaging and enriching chewing experience for your dog which helps keep their teeth clean and breaks down plaque buildup from kibble and other food. Chewing isn't just about dental health; it's a natural instinct that can provide mental stimulation and alleviate boredom.

What Are the Benefits of Elk Antlers for Dogs?

 Elk antlers offer a plethora of benefits for your furry friend:

Dental Health:

Chewing on elk antlers can help clean your dog's teeth and massage their gums, promoting oral health and preventing plaque buildup. 


One remarkable feature of elk antlers is their durability. Unlike some other chews, these antlers are designed to withstand vigorous chewing, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.

Nutritional Value:

Elk antlers are rich in essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, contributing to your dog's overall well-being.

Are Elk Antlers Bad for Dogs' Teeth?

No, quite the opposite! Elk antlers' tough texture can actually benefit your dog's dental hygiene. The chewing action helps scrape away tartar and plaque buildup, which can contribute to healthier teeth and gums. It’s important to not overdo it as with anything, as excessive chewing of these could cause some issues and wear down teeth. 

Can Puppies Have Elk Antlers?

Puppies have developing teeth, so it's crucial to choose appropriately sized antlers to prevent any potential damage. Look for softer antlers that are specifically designed for puppies, and always monitor their chewing to ensure a safe experience. 

Other Types of Antler Chews

 While elk antlers are a popular choice, there are other antler options available as well, such as deer and moose antlers. Each type offers slightly different textures and sizes, catering to your dog's individual preferences. 

Alternative Chew Options for Dogs

If elk antlers don't seem like the perfect fit for your pup, don't worry! There's an array of alternative chew options we carry at Estes Paw Co, including bully sticks, beef trachea, tendons, tripe, marrow bones, and more. The key is to find a chew that aligns with your dog's size, age, and chewing habits.

In conclusion, elk antlers can make an excellent addition to your dog's chewing routine, providing entertainment, dental benefits, and nutritional value. Remember to prioritize safety, supervise your dog's chewing sessions, and consult your vet if you have any concerns. 

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