Beef Marrow Bone For Dogs

Have you ever thought about giving your dog beef marrow bone but have a ton of questions and not sure where to begin looking to find those answers? Well we're happy you're here!

We'll answer all your questions about beef marrow bones, covering what is inside them, if they are good for your dogs, how often you should give your dogs beef marrow bone and why you should choose Estes Paw Company for your dogs.


What Is Inside Beef Marrow Bone?

Beef marrow bones are essentially bones filled with marrow, a nutritious tissue found at the core of the bone. Marrow is known for its smooth texture and flavour that every dog LOVES. Beef marrow bones are considered to be a nutritious treat/chew due to the amount of essential nutrients found in marrow, such as vitamin B12, iron, and collagen. Collagen being super beneficial for your dogs physical health.


Is It Safe To Give My Dogs Beef Marrow Bone?

Absolutely! Giving your dog a beef marrow bone is one of the best options you could provide for your dogs. They're both nutritional and tasty for your dog.


What are the benefits of beef marrow bone?

  • Beef marrow bone is rich in nutrients, including collagen, iron, and vitamin B which promote healthy joints, skin and coat, digestion, and energy levels so you can spend more time adventuring with your dog.
  • Like most pet parents, we get worried about the safety of our dogs. With beef marrow bone you won't need to worry about splintering or breakage concerns, giving you that piece of mind knowing your dog will be safe chewing.
  • If you frequently give your dogs beef marrow bone, this is super beneficial for their dental health. Chewing the bone will remove plaque and tartar preventing dental disease in your dog and less vet bills. 
  • If you have an aggressive chewers (dog who gets through any bone or chew quickly), beef marrow bone is offers more enjoyment and engagement as it takes much longer for any dogs to get through.
  • What we love about beef marrow bone is that it is suitable for all breeds, chewiness levels, and sizes. 
  • We believe that offering your dog both physical and mental enrichment with reduce the risk of anxiety. Providing your dog with bones (mental enrichment) will keep them occupied and content.
  • Of course we're always worried about what we're feeding our dogs and the nutritional benefits but with beef marrow bone we can rest easy knowing our dogs are getting a delicious treat that light up their taste buds.


When can I give my dogs beef marrow bone?

According to veterinarians, dogs younger than 6 month should not be given any type of bone. Once they've reached this age, it means your dog has a complete set of adult teeth, typically appearing between 6 months to a year. This will prevent potential damage to their developing teeth. If you're feeling uneasy about if you should give your dog beef marrow bone consult with your vet first.


How often should I give my dog Beef Marrow Bones?

It is acceptable to give your dog beef marrow bone a few times a week or occasionally as a nice treat or if you're having a busy day, a great alternative to keeping their mind busy and tired. 

We try to follow the 10% rule when giving our dogs treats or bones. Which means 90% of their daily calorie intake should consist of their regular food and 10% of their daily intake being bones and treats. 


How long should I let my dog chew on a beef marrow bone? 

We recommend letting your dog chew on their beef marrow bone for up to 30 minutes at a time. Even though the bones are very safe for your dog, we do advise giving your dog short breaks in between sessions. This will not only make the bone last (they're very long lasting in general) but it will also prevent your dog from potentially getting sore teeth or gums. 


Can Dogs Consume Beef Marrow Bones Daily?

It's not unsafe to give your dogs bones daily, but we recommend giving a bone to them every couple of days rather than daily. This will often depend on how active your dog is throughout the day. If your dog is very active giving them a bone daily wont affect their health and shape. If your dog is less active, giving treats and bone in moderation is essential to keeping your dog in healthy shape.  


Can Beef Marrow Bone Upset My Dogs Stomach? 

No, beef marrow bone should not upset your dogs stomach. The bone has a lot of nutritional value and is unlikely to cause stomach upset. Choosing our single ingredient, all natural, no chemical or preservative and odorless bone eliminates the risk of unnatural ingredients or causing any upset with your dog. 
However, just keep in mind that some dogs may have naturally sensitive stomachs. If you start to notice some diarrhea after your dog has chewed/digested beef marrow, we recommend limiting the amount to small portions every few days. 


At Estes Paw Company, we pride ourselves in crafting the best beef marrow bones for you dog, and here's why:

  • Crafted from single ingredient: free-range, grass-fed cattle, with absolutely nothing to hide.

  • Our beef marrow bone is all natural, with no preservatives, artificial flavors, chemical or fillers. 

  • Locally sourced from cattle raised in the USA, ensuring high quality bones and safety standards within our cooking process. We air dry all our treats, chews, and bones.

  • Our bone are low in calories and high in protein, giving your dogs strength and optimum shape/health. 

  • We have a very precise cooking process with minimal processing to help our dogs thrive. Products go through an apple cider vinegar wash with no chemical or pesticides. Products are placed in a 3000 square foot temperature controlled cooler. Products remain in the cooler for 4-5 days tempering. Then we air dry & reach temperatures of 165 degrees to kill all bacteria. The cool time is 48hrs, then we cut the products to size, & store in a resealable bag.

  • These bones and chews have the ability to nourish and feed the health of our dogs and our job is to present them in safe, healthy and the most desirable forms.

We hope this guide has provided some knowledge and answered all your questions about beef marrow bone for dogs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to answer them as we pride ourselves on being super transparent.

Alternative Chew Options for Dogs:

If beef marrow bone don't seem like the perfect fit for your pup, don't worry! There's an array of alternative chew options we carry at Estes Paw Co, including bully sticks, beef trachea, tendons, tripe, and more. The key is to find a chew that aligns with your dog's size, age, and chewing habits.

Interested in trying our premium Beef Marrow Bone? We’ve got a special offer for you below ⬇️


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